Learning stories

At the Rocking Horse Day Nursery we watch, listen and note down the things that children do and say to help us see and plan for their progression.

We do this using stories that are told through words and pictures, we look closely at the story to decide what it is telling us about the child (analysing).

Parent and key working talking through childs learning story

These stories are shared with children in order to hear their views. For those children who do not yet verbalise their thoughts, close attention is paid to the gestures and non-verbal cues such as smiling, pointing and babbling.

Stories are shared with parents and carers. It is important to us that you are part of your child's learning and development journey as we know that involving parents in this way increases education outcomes for children later on in schooling.

We value your thoughts, opinions and ideas on the story and learning and hope that you will share these with us.