Physical development

At the Rocking Horse Day Nursery we promote healthy physical development by providing opportunities both indoors and out to access a wide range of resources to encourage and develop both large and fine motor skills. We provide opportunities for the children to talk about and demonstrate being healthy and the effects exercise has on their bodies.

Indoors the children can choose from the art area, drawing area, carpet area with its resources such as large and small blocks, construction and threading, puzzles and small world toys.
They can work with play-dough, clay, sand, water, home area and music and movement area.

Outdoors children have access to large multi level space with both fixed and loose materials. These include a bike track for bikes, cars and scooters, hills, secret garden with trees to climb, balancing challenge and wooden platform.
A large sand pit, slide and swings are also available. A grassy area gives space to play with hoops, balls, bats etc. Loose materials include prop boxes with role play resources and art and art drawing materials.

Playing with muddy water

Stretch and Grow

The pre-school children take part in an organised fitness programme each week, which is carried out by a qualified Stretch and Grow instructor.

As well as exercise, the children learn about healthy eating and how their bodies work. This is carried out through fun topics. See more: Stretch and Grow website